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Stereolithography (SLA)

*** NEW "Pick Your Ship Date"TM feature recently added. You now have the ability to choose when your stereolithography parts will ship out. This is just another way that Quickparts lives out the mission of making it easier for you to get the custom parts that you need.***

Stereolithography (SLA) is often considered the pioneer of the Rapid Prototyping industry, with the first commercial system introduced in 1988 by 3D Systems. The system consists of an Ultra-Violet Laser, a vat of photo-curable liquid resin, and a controlling system.

A platform is lowered into the resin (via an elevator system), such that the surface of the platform is a layer-thickness below the surface of the resin. The laser beam then traces the boundaries and fills in a two-dimensional cross section of the model, solidifying the resin wherever it touches. Once a layer is complete, the platform descends a layer thickness, resin flows over the first layer, and the next layer is built. This process continues until the model is complete.
Once the model is complete, the platform rises out of the vat and the excess resin is drained. The model is then removed from the platform, washed of excess resin, and then placed in a UV oven for a final curing. The stereolithography model is then finished by smoothing the "stair-steps."
Stereolithography Highlights
Excellent for Fit and Form Testing and Show Models.
Maximum dimensions for instant quotes: 25" x 25" x 21".  Parts with larger dimensions are also available.  Please contact your sales manager to discuss.

Stereolithography material choices include: Technician's Choice, Semi-Flexible, Durable, PP-Like (Accura 25 / VisiJet SL Flex); ABS-Like (Accura 55 / Accura 25 / RenShape 7811 / RenShape 7820 / Somos 18420 / VisiJet SL Flex); High-Impact ABS-Like (Accura Xtreme White 200, Somos NeXt); Rigid, PC-Like (Accura 60 / Somos 11122 / Accura ClearVue / VisiJet SL Clear); High-Temp ABS-Like (Accura Bluestone); High Temp PC-Like, Rigid (Accura PEAK / VisiJet SL Hi-Temp); High Resolution (ABS-Like / Durable / Rigid / Accura Xtreme); ABS-like, Gray (Accura Xtreme / Somos 18920 / VisiJet SL Tough); ABS-like, Black (Renshape 7820 / VisiJet SL Black);

Standard Stereolithography Tolerances: +/- 0.005" for the first inch, +/- 0.002” on every inch thereafter.
In the z height (vertical), standard tolerances of +/- 0.01" for the first inch, +/- 0.002” on every inch thereafter.
Stereolithography Layer Thickness: High Resolution: 0.002” - 0.004”; Standard Resolution: 0.005” - 0.006”.
SLA Finish Options: Standard, Primed, Painted, WaterClear.
Samples available upon request.
Nickel-Plated SLA
Nickel-plating provides added strength, waterproofing, and electrical conductivity to your   stereolithography prototype.
Click here for more information detailing the Nickel-Plating process.
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Stereolithography (SLA) Sample Request



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