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*** Quickparts provides plastic injection molding solutions ranging from Rapid Injection Molding to Production Tooling. With Quickparts, you have options of building injection molds to fit your program requirements no matter how large or small.


Quickparts' Solutions for Injection Molding


  Low Prices on Injection Molding     No Limitations on Side Actions
  Fast and Dependable Service     Part Sizes Up to 48 Inches Long
  Customer Owns the Injection Mold     FREE DFM Report With Quote
  Trouble-Free Mold Modifications     Assembly, Silk Screening
  Low Volume Part Runs     Pad Printing, Ultrasonic Welding


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Quickparts allows you to cut weeks off of your product launch; plain and simple. Whether you are a Large OEM, Custom Injection Molder or a Product Design Firm, Quickparts can help you realize substantial cost and time savings. We offer several different injection molding services based on your project needs and requirements.



Rapid Injection Molding


QuickMold Tooling specializes in straight-pull, no-action injection molded parts made from common thermoplastic materials. This process allows you to to receive straight-pull molded parts in days, not weeks. 


Low-Volume Injection Molding


Low-Volume Injection Molding provides ready-to-shoot Aluminum tools with no geometry limits on part dimensions. This process is ideal for low-volume production of complex parts. 


Proto-duction Injection Mold Tooling


Proto-duction Injection Mold Tooling (also known as prototype-to-production tooling) is production steel multi-cavity tooling that incorporates the prototype tool and production tool together into one mold. This process contains no geometry, volume or manufacturing limits on your part.


Production Tools for Molders


Production Tools for Molders is an offshore mold manufacturing service that offers completed steel molds, built to your standards and specifications, to run on your presses.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Designing plastic parts is a complex task involving many factors that address a list of requirements of the application. “How is the part to be used?” “How does it fit to other parts in the assembly?” “What loads will it experience in use?” In addition to functional and structural issues, processing issues play a large role in the design of an injection molded plastic part. Quickparts offers several helpful resources to assist you in designing for this complex process.

The Basics of Injection Molding Design is a guide outlining the basic rules to designing parts for injection molding that will make your parts stronger and easier to manufacture.

Design for Manufacturing Analysis is a free service offered with injection molding quotes where a report is generated by a Quickparts Production Engineer who reviews the feasibility of your part for manufacturing. Click here for a sample report.

Injection Molding Glossary contains commonly used injection molding terms and their definitions.


Injection Molding Newsletter  


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Loftgoods, a leading player in the home furnishings business, had an issue. They had a wonderful idea, fantastic new concept, and a very short time frame to get a new product to market. With a rapidly approaching deadline, they needed a solution and prototype with little time to spare...


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