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Let us be your resource to determine which manufacturing process is right for your project.

metal 3d printed prototype

Rapid Prototyping

Shows the look and feel of a product or part before committing to the more costly aspects of production.

low-volume produced parts

Low-Volume Production

Reduce tooling costs, produce customized products and bring a product to market quickly with low-volume production and bridge manufacturing.

functional prototyping

Functional Prototyping

Goes beyond the look and feel, enabling teams to assess factors such as usability, ergonomics, manufacturability and materials testing.

appearance models

Appearance Models

Turn cad files into highly realistic physical parts and assemblies for aesthetic review, trade shows and sales presentations.

Our Difference

Benefit from our trusted experience in precision manufacturing around the globe. Our team of application engineers provides industry and manufacturing expertise with access to a wide range of traditional and additive manufacturing capabilities locally so you can manufacture what you need where you need it. You gain more agility in your supply chain with better cash management, lower transportation and warehousing costs, and quicker time to market. Making the manufacturing process faster and easier is our top priority. QuickQuote®, our quoting engine empowers users to manage all aspects of their account profile including contact information and shipping account preferences. Users can upload design files to obtain instant quotes for additive manufacturing projects and purchase custom parts.

Quickparts branding

Global service, local support

Quickparts has advanced manufacturing facilities around the world with local support through our team of application engineers providing industry and manufacturing expertise.

The widest range of technologies and materials

We offer a full range of additive and traditional manufacturing technologies, materials and processes, from 3D printing in metal and plastic, to CNC machining, injection molding, investment casting patterns and more.

Exceptional customer service and manufacturing expertise

We offer fast and easy engagement, with consultancy from the start by engineers and project managers with an average of 10+ years of experience. Benefit from one partner for your complete manufacturing value chain from prototyping and design iteration, to pre-series or low volume production.

The Steyr tractor brand began in the late 1940s and has been evolving ever since to keep up with the demanding needs of life on a farm. In order to stand out in the  trade show environment, Steyr wanted to do something creative and memorable by providing visitors with a beautiful and accurate scale model of its product.

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Additional Resources

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